Why is the quality of tea in the German tea industry?

Long-term production practice and scientific experiments show that tea picking and tea growth and development are closely related.Some tea leaves are picked by hand, Picking per capita system of long-term professional training to ensure that each rod can support the finest tea tea. Support the color of the tea industry Run green, fragrance lasting.

Fuluomen have their own tea garden of 2000 acres, specializing in the production of Ying De Hong. Tea Garden climate suitable for "high cliffs, the tree roots" of plant growth form a rich organic matter in soil nutrients, is Germany famous organic tea.

Engage in the use of professional tea tea technology, solar insecticide, artificial weeding, to achieve pollution-free, made of natural pollution-free tea.

【Solar insects】
Using sun light insecticidal, pollution-free, pollution-free, conducive to growth of Ying De Hong

Toxic and difficult to clean; effects of Ying De Hong in health

【Artificial grass】
Health, green, pollution-free

Chemicals that damage the quality of black tea in original terms, and harmful to the human body

Pu-Erh tea, black tea and planting and processing base for the whole company. In menghai County of Yunnan province set up the village farmers cooperatives, set up in Guangdong yingde tea base. Courtesy tea series, Tuo, tea cake series. Fuluomen spirit of "tea, tea, customer first, honesty first" principle, with a number of enterprises established long-term relations of cooperation.

  Red, in the name of busy, to facilitate the busy, for the family, busy with chores, children busy, why not sneak in, put aside life's complicated, principle of urban noise and impetuous, brewed a pot of fragrant black tea find 35 friends, or with his family, old and young, in ethereal music music enjoy this comfortable, cozy, freedom, peace

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